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Nicky Perryman Artist

I am an artist from Birmingham, United Kingdom. I work in various media; mainly textiles (specialising in embroidery), watercolour and ink pen, digital illustration using Procreate and mosaic. This site is about my art work and my main inspiration; the beauty of nature and all its mysteries.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist ever since I was little… it must have been all that obsessive drawing of patterns with compasses and colouring them in with felt tips pens and excessive doodling on any notepad within reach. When I was 5 years old my mother gave me a needlework set: scissors, thimble and needle-case. Since then I have been passionate about colour, pattern, design and textiles especially embroidery. I usually start off painting on blank fabric, often silk…I love the feel of the brush swishing across the fabric. I then embroider onto the silk and develop the images, layering fabrics and painting, embroidering, sequinning and appliquéing until something magical appears.

Embroidery is such a flexible medium to work in… I enjoy using free machine embroidery and more controlled digitized computerized embroidery as well as the slow therapeutic way of hand-stitching. It’s very exciting to combine them together to get the best of every world. The imagery I use is whatever inspires me; nature; the secret lives of trees, birds, and animals that we can only guess at, ancient stories and symbols, poetry and prose. My travels in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria and Romania. Folk Art; especially costumes, wood carvings and folk paintings. In short, things of beauty, mystery and delight. My desire is that people enjoy and cherish my works for their joyous, inspiring, life-affirming qualities. I hope my work touches your heart as it has touched mine and brings to you the feeling of those wondrous things that cannot be described with words.