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textile art

Just a Bit Further

I’m doing  a bit on my quilt each night while watching films – well half watching them. Once I get going I get a bit intense and keep thinking I’ll just do a bit more and a bit more and before I know it, it’s the early hours. I have been watching Mongol a lot recently – I …

Underbrush embroidery by Nicky Perryman Textile Artist
textile art

The Charm of the Underbrush

[wpg] Here are a few pics of the Underbrush work I’ve been doing…the melted sequins meant a few casualties – particularly one large cream flower sequin which ended up looking like a blob of chewing gum. Charming. So I had to scrape that off and sew another one in the same spot and melt it …

textile art

Growing Complexity

I have been working on my Underbrush picture for a few days now and keep adding and adding more layers to it, trying to get away from it’s rather sombre original colour scheme. I seem to be getting rather obsessed with using an ever increasing number of sequins in layers on it, overlapping them and putting more …

textile art

Pens on Silk

[wpg] Following on from my obsession with Pitt Pens and loving the feel of using them, I want to try to recreate that feeling with fabric. Luckily it’s fairly easy to do with smooth silk and silk painting or fabric markers. Not sure yet how good the results will be but I’m getting there. I …

Purple Sequin experiment
textile art

Sequin Experiments

[wpg] I’ve been working on some experiments with textures using sequins and bondaweb. I am quite pleased with how they have turned out. Some better than others though. I think it depends on the fabrics, fine silk and net seem to work better than textured fabrics with lots of stitching on them already although several …

textile art

Green Umbels

Well it’s been one of those days when I have done nothing much worth talking about and felt totally guilty about it. I seem to have hovered over things but not done anything with them, drooled over my Basic Grey papers, dithered over my broken water pump that refuses to work despite cajolement and shaking …

textile art

Bronze Textures

I have been mucking about with this for a while using textile felt tip pens, gold fabric paint, machine stitching and some hand embroidery and some little square translucent green sequins. I think it’s a bit over the top with the amount of stuff on it but I kind of like it. I can’t seem …

textile art

Purple Nevsky Bird

[wpg] This embroidery is called “Purple Nevsky Bird” after some drawings I did in the Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria many years ago. I’ve tried to capture the elaborate wooden gilded carvings that decorated the cathedral interior. It’s purple silk dupion with gold machine stitching, gold lame and purple silk applique and lots of …