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Early Influences

My mother was the first person to really help and inspire me with embroidery. She was the one who made me my first sewing kit, some of which I still have. A little needlecase in the shape of a hat, the crown holding a thimble, a cover for a small pair of scissors and a […]

bee-eater embroidery

Beautiful Bee-eater

I’ve tried to recapture the sense of decoration and opulence I experience while visiting the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. There was so much pattern everywhere, it was quite overwhelming. I’ve tried to simplify the pattern a little and just take a fragment and have introduced a bee-eater as they are birds that love the warm […]

Peacock embroidery with fme and applique by Nicky Perryman Textile Artist

Pretty Peacock

Shimmer shimmer shimmer. It’s taking forever to “sequinize” this peacock embroidery.