Silk painting by Nicky Perryman

Taking a Larger View

In recent days, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (not always a good thing!) but this time it’s been helpful. I put all my recent finished work up on the walls and took a look at it, noting down thoughts and feelings and thinking of ways to take things forward and make improvements – a mini self critique. I’ve not really done this for a while and it feels good to look at the work from a distance instead of seeing it so close up at sequin and stitch level which is what I do most of the time. I feel now I have a better perspective on things, it has created a new impetus and I’ve made a few decisions on which directions I want my work to take.  Some of my decisions include, changing my colour palette a little to try lighter and brighter colours and making more use of my backgrounds and more contrast. I want to include more hand stitching in an exploratory way.  I’m going to spend the afternoon stitching into this silk and seeing what textures I can develop.


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