Umbel Flower Embroidery

Green Umbels update

This one has been hanging around for a while after I finished the chain stitching on it and decided that it needs stretching badly before I can continue with it. Having nowhere to stretch things doesn’t help as the corkboard I used to stretch embroideries on is in my brother’s partner’s dad’s garage collecting dust and woodlice! I am wondering if I can improvise and stretch it over a silk painting frame? Not sure if that would work as well though.

Even so, I decided to add some sequins to make the umbel heads flower and they do come alive with all those teensy flowery paillettes I’m so fond of. I feel a bit guilty using them sometimes – I think maybe it’s a cop out and I really should embroider all the flowers instead of using a precut bit of plastic. But hey, I like the effect anyway. I think I will add in some leaves and more stitching once I have finished the sequins and then stretch it really hard as its so rippled it just won’t lie flat at all. The images are clickable for a larger view.

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