I used my laptop screen as a lightbox and traced the images of some leaves of cow parsley or a similar plant from some photos I’d taken in the summer. I couldn’t find the silk I’d originally wanted to use – probably stuffed inside a bag somewhere? But where? So I used this hand-painted silk to cut out a couple of leaves. Now that I put them on the tweed though, they look too yellowish and autumnal so I probably won’t use them for the Green Umbels as I want it to look summery. So it’s back to the drawing board, or rather back to the silk scrap bag to find something better. Or perhaps tweed would work well? Anyway, as it is they don’t look right. I do love space-dyed silk for leaves in general though, it’s just perfect. As I was hunting through my fabric bag, I started getting lots of ideas I could use things for. I still have too much stuff, even now, in this tiny caravan space. It’s not good!

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