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bee-eater embroidery

Beautiful Bee-eater

bee-eater embroidery I’ve tried to recapture the sense of decoration and opulence I experience while visiting the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. There was so much pattern everywhere, it was quite overwhelming. Not only were there mosaics but also very elaborate plasterwork, and patterned wooden doors with large metal studs. There were also beautiful gardens full of flowers and pomegranate trees. The whole place was amazing.

In this piece I’ve tried to simplify the pattern a little and just take a fragment and have introduced a bee-eater as they are birds that love the warm climate and I adore their colours!

I’ve used silk and appliquéd a piece of velvet onto it which has then been treated with metallic paint and foil. The bee-eater is mainly machine stitching and some hand-stitching and a few sequins. The little branch the bee-eater is sitting on is also appliquéd from a piece of silk. I love the copper and turquoise combination and the yellow throat of the bee-eater which really pops! They are such beautiful birds!

bee-eater embroidery by Nicky Perryman

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    Love all pictures. Embroidery is my passion! Besides I like listening stories about migrant birds.:) Many thanks for sharing with us.

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      Hi Marsha, thanks for your comment. Yes I love migrant birds too, especially swallows. Maybe I should do an embroidery about them.

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