Brown Grasses

My site has been hacked so all the stuff between April 2011 and now has gone. Oh well. Best not to cling to things. So I’m updating with a bit of fairly recent work just to give you some idea candy and get the blog up to date a bit. I’ve had a go at importing some stuff to fill the gap between April 2011 and July 2012, but so far it hasn’t worked. All the changes I made to my images and all my image galleries have been lost. Sigh.

The slideshow is showing “Brown Grasses”. It was created from Bogoak tweed bought in Donegal Town, Ireland at McGees. It’s gorgeous fabric and it’s a real pleasure sewing it. I started it this piece a great deal of time ago and it looked like it was one of those that might languish forever scrumpled up in a box almost to be forgotten. I couldn’t really connect with the original imagery I’d wanted to create so I just started over using the hand-stitching I’d done as a jumping off point. I added some machine stitched pre-spattered bits of silk to make “grass” and bonded on some painted poppy seedhead shapes, also in silk. I went a bit mad with the hand stitching as I find it hard to stop doing it once I get going. It’s so therapeutic they should prescribe it on the NHS! Doing feather and chain stitches puts me in a trance (of delight). I think I added some gold and copper foil bits on top I can’t remember which order they went in now. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out but I’m glad I stopped when I did, it’s got lots and lots of texture.

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