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textile art

Brown Grasses

[wpg] My site has been hacked so all the stuff between April 2011 and now has gone. Oh well. Best not to cling to things. So I’m updating with a bit of fairly recent work just to give you some idea candy and get the blog up to date a bit. I’ve had a go …

textile art

Peacock Goddess

[wpg] I created this silk scarf for a private commission. Interestingly when the person received the scarf she told me she’d had a dream about a Peacock Goddess. Interesting…. I used lots of gold gutta on this one. For peacocks, I think you can never have too much bling! I think I’ll be doing some …

textile art

Little Cartwheels

[wpg] I added bits of yellow felt and some machine stitching using couched threads to the base fabric first then stitched some little cartwheel stitches in different shades of stranded cottons as well as some fly stitching, and a bit of feather stitch. I like the way they overlap and the colours merge into each …

textile art

Poppy Love

[wpg] Poppies, I return to them again and again as an art subject because they are so beautiful, dramatic and with such gorgeous colours. On this piece, I’ve appliqued some scraps of japanese printed fabric onto a base of purple tweed, and added a lot of machine stitching and some sequins and bits of gold …

Twilight Pond fabric
textile art

Patchwork Progress

[wpg] A bit like Pilgrim’s Progress I think; trudging along carrying a bundle! I’ve been doing a bit more to my quilt and then had to stop realising that I wasn’t sure where these colours would fit in. So I laid the whole thing out and worked out where the large strip I’d done would …

textile art

Messing Around

[wpg] This is just a bit of mucking about with some spattered silk dupion as the background. Then I added a section of sequins already bonded onto net tulle, some previously painted silk cut out and appliquéd on in leaf shapes and circles and some ribbon printed with flowers cut out and sewn down. I …

textile art


[wpg] I used my laptop screen as a lightbox and traced the images of some leaves of cow parsley or a similar plant from some photos I’d taken in the summer. I couldn’t find the silk I’d originally wanted to use – probably stuffed inside a bag somewhere? But where? So I used this hand-painted silk to cut out …

textile art

Green Umbel With Darker Shade

[wpg] Another update showing the darker looking umbel head with some almost blue-black flowers dotted amongst two shades of lilac ones. I was going to use some reddish purple ones which I thought would go with the purpleish stitching but they turned out to look too reddish and not the right tone at all! I …

Umbel Flower Embroidery
textile art

Green Umbels update

[wpg] This one has been hanging around for a while after I finished the chain stitching on it and decided that it needs stretching badly before I can continue with it. Having nowhere to stretch things doesn’t help as the corkboard I used to stretch embroideries on is in my brother’s partner’s dad’s garage collecting …

textile art

Catch Up

Hey! Happy new year everyone!  I hope it’s a wonderful and creative year for you! So here’s my progress lately: got back to my van after Christmas and bought an oil-filled radiator…I like cuddling it even though it is rather metallic with sharp edges which are too hard to put my bare legs on without …